Sunday, January 11, 2015

52 weeks of Jesus in Every book of the Bible. Post #1

Hi Everyone!! Long time no blog!! I pray everyone had a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. I have been so busy during the holidays, that I haven't done much crafting. But I am back in the swing of things and just started this weekly project last week. 52 weeks of Jesus in every book of the bible. I am being blessed and have such a great time doing it, that I really don't think it will be a year project...LOL. I will blog about my journey and hope to hear some feed back from you all! 

So I am using basic white tags that you can buy at Hobby Lobby. For my backgrounds I have been using spray ink....I love it!! It is very messy but I love the vivid colors. For this particle tag I used Dylusions Spray Ink in London Blue. Sprayed generously and then let drip and dry! :)

After my blue was good and dry, I broke out the stencils and then used Dylusions Spray Ink in Fresh Lime and let that dry.

I am not the best at drawing, but I sure like to play. Since in Leviticus Jesus is our High Priest. I googled photos of Jesus as the High Priest and kinda just looked and played, like I said I am not great at

After the rough draft of the picture I added paint and such to it to make it pop a little more.

Glued it on my tag along with some other goodies and stamp the words High Priest at the bottom.

All done!! I love this project and am hoping to see more people jump in on it too!!

This is what my tag book looks like so far.....can't wait to see the finished product....thanks for  looking everyone and God Bless!!

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